About Me

Ever since I was a little kid I loved crafting and exploring all things technical. Later I grew a big passion for Open Source and the humanism philosophy. In my teenage years I started using Photoshop, later Linux (via the WeTab since late 2010), build my own (and for some friends) PCs/NAS. I’ve learn much about programming at the Claude-Dornier-Schule for Computer Science. With my good friend Daniel Schukies I found my first company Aimber GbR at the age of 18. After my graduation I moved to Stuttgart and studied Games Programming at the SAE Stuttgart. I'm currently writing my Honours Thesis in cooperation with Jumping Lamas about Blueprint vs C++ on the server with Unreal and life with my girlfriend in Friedrichshafen developing games.



Claude-Dornier-Schule für Informatik 2011 - 2014

After 13 year of school I did my finals with the main focus on Computer science.

University: SAE Stuttgart

Bachelor of Science (honours) in Games Programming 2014 - 2017

Learning about programming, management and coordination across different teams.



Internship 2011

I did an internship at 4tiitoo for 12 weeks in Munich. During that time I’ve learned a lot about working in a team and the pitfalls in software development.

Winner of the SAP competition //Enigma

UX Designer and Programmer 2013

The Team //Enigma (Tom Langwaldt and I) won the 1st price as best software project sponsored by SAP Markdorf. We developed an Interface for tablets powered by Linux.

Bachelor project: Connect

UX Designer and Programmer 2016

A fast pacing racing game I developed with Patrick Mours, Fabian Beck, Marian Günthner. The design and artwork of the game was entirely made by me.

Bachelor project: CyGo

UX Designer and Programmer 2016

Bachelor Thesis

Blueprint vs C++ 2017

Speed comparison of Unreal Engines blueprints, Cooked Blueprint and native C++ code in terms of server-side performance.

Winner of Virtual Reality Game competition Jam @SAE Stuttgart Wrekt

UX Designer and Programmer 2016

Huge thanks to Epic, Jumping Llamas and SAE Stuttgart for the HTC Vive. The Team consisting of 3 Programmer (Tom Langwaldt, Daniel Schukies and I), one 3D Artists Barbara Mettler and one Sound Designer. Wrekt is about figuring out all ways how to move in VR. The player has to paddle from his wrecked (role credits) ship to the mainland. The challenge hereby is not to get eaten by hungry whales.

ifm syntron Tettnang

GUI Development and Design June 2018 - September 2018

C++/Qt GUI programming for various 2d/3d cameras and sensors

Unannounced VR Project

~secret~ September 2018 - unkown



My skill is a mix of Programming and Designing. Personally I enjoy switching between the two working methods because it is always refreshing.

  • C++/Qt/QML
  • Photoshop/Affinity Designer
  • Blender
  • Unreal Engine
  • Web Development/Joomla!
  • C#
  • Unity3d